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BYC Debrief and EABC (9th and 10th) Briefing

Last week at BYC was a mixed weekend with light wind on the Saturday and the breeze starting to fill in on the Sunday. We started with a focus on starts moving towards speed. Often the race is decided in the first 5 minutes of the race so being able to attain a good start followed by speed of the line is a great way to ensure you are able to make decisions for the rest of the race. We will start to work on this more next weekend at EABC where it will be a flatter training ground.

We also had a look at our event prep, as a bit of revision the notes from our discussions last week are below. Use this to prepare for EABC again, we will chat about our findings at the weekend.

Venue Prep
Download PDF • 624KB

Its getting late in the year to still be working on our control settings however its clear work is still needed in this aspect. Below are two videos of a downwind, have a look and compare the differences in each making careful note of improvement points for both and the variance in conditions.

Looking towards the next weekend at EABC we are going to start looking at regatta strategies and managing risk on land. This is important with the Winter championships coming up the weekend after.

EABC also provides us with an opportunity for a tidal venue so this is something we should prepare for. With this starts are still going to be a focus, they are improving but they still aren't regatta level.

The questions for next week are:

  • How do our attitudes change to risk as we go through a regatta?

  • What should we do/do differently if someone calls protest on us in a race?

  • What is the surname of the Principal of your school?

  • What is the maximum length of tiller extension you are allowed to use?

This weekend we will be joined by Jenna Reid, Tom Coulter and Hammy. Lets use their knowledge of different classes to the best we can.

See you all next weekend!


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