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Final Weekend at BYC

Hello everyone!

The final weekend is quickly approaching at BYC. This weekend will have a focus on Mar Menor, the worlds, and preparation around that. We will also be looking at light wind tactics and strategy on the water, a reminder that the average wind for Mar Menor is around 7kts!

This weekend however is unlikely to be as light so prepare for a bit of breeze and make sure those boats are in great working order. Before we launch on Saturday we will be doing a boat inspection in accordance to the class rules, remember if something isn't right and we don't fix before we go we are relying on spares and chandlers.

Your weekend questions:

  • What is the venue closest to Mar Manor which hosts many of the worlds biggest sailing events?

  • What is the ratio of your downhaul?

  • What priorities change tactics wise when its light wind compared to heavy?

  • In school, whats the last thing you cooked/baked.

  • Whats the average air temperature for Mar Menor. Hammy and I will see you all this weekend, rigged for 10am please! L


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