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Topper Winters

Hello Everyone!

I'm hoping we are preparing well for the first event of the year for most of you, the Winters.

Last week at EABC we had the opportune time to prepare for this event including our traverse up the bay through what is likely to be the racing area for the weekend.

In this area we find a lot of flat water but shifty winds. On Sunday I confiscated all Hawks to focus on the use of tell tales. Although you might be using the Hawks this week I would urge you to keep your eyes on the sail. I saw massive improvements in the way everyone sailed upwind just by looking up!

Remember Browns Bay is tidal, we had difficulty anchoring marks on the saturday so this should tell you everything you need to know! It is a simple flow for the most part where you will be sailing, tide flows left to right, right to left. Get the tide times noted down and do your drift rates pre-start.

Lets remember our last minute boat prep, clean the hulls, make sure we have adequate spares for the weekend especially rope, tape and knives in our buoyancy aids!

For the next weekend I will be asking to see your notes in preparation for this so please make sure this is done so we can combine and create a squad venue plan. In particular lets answer these questions:

  • Can we expect chop at any stage this weekend?

  • A key part of the racing will be the north shoreline, how does wind and tide have an effect here?

  • What time do you need to arrive at the club at to prepare properly?

  • Do we know who the race officer is? (Hint, he was sitting behind you at briefing on sunday)

  • What large obstruction might have an impact on the wind and how can we mitigate this?

Best of luck for the weekend everyone, lets use this as a learning experience to work with the rest of the Irish guys and prepare for the rest of the year!



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