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Winters at EABC

Hey all,

Well done to all this weekend, I was there on the jury/rescue boat on the Saturday.

With Saturday being between 15-25+ knots

with waves it was borderline survival sailing for a lot of the sailors.

Few quick points from the Saturday:

  • -Utilise the controls so a lot of boats needed more kicker and downhaul (boats were too overpowered majority of the time)

  • -The importance of getting the kicker off before the WW mark otherwise the boat won’t bear away onto the reach.

  • -There was confusion on the Saturday after the second race had been abandoned but as I have attached, it states under rule 32.1 that race committee have to consider all consequences for all boats in the race (which is unfortunate for those 4 boats that finished but it is in the rulebook this part)

  • -Lots of people did one tack beat for survival more than anything but don’t forget tactics are still important as most went left and everyone followed for both races.

  • -Remember if you need to depower more, bringing the centreboard up to the bulkhead helps!

  • -When starting to death-role, start with pulling your mainsail in and focus on getting boat flat again rather than sitting waiting for the death-role to happen (and pull some kicker on to bring the boom down for stability)

  • -This was the perfect weekend to use your Eskimo roles you learnt about (saves a lot of time and energy)!

  • -The boats top half of the fleet were making good use of the waves in the lough which happens with the southerly wind- good job to those surfing them!

Well done to Adam winning the 4.2 fleet and Emily who came 4th in the main fleet!

Hope that has given you all a bit more confidence in your heavy wind boat handling and tactics! You all did well surviving the day as the conditions were tricky!



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